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商业信息「In general sushi and other recherché Japanese fare is a little much for the likes of world leaders. So they come to Ten-Ichi, where frying is the universal language, and they are happy indeed. Ten-Ichi, also in the Ginza, is the world's most famous tempura restaurant.
Ten-Ichi is wonderful. The montage photograph at the entrance, of Chirac, Annan, Sinatra, Clinton, and Helmut Kohl, all resplendent in white Ten-Ichi bibs, says it all. There's another photo of the Gorbachevs, and another of Henry Kissinger, and a Chagall in the rock-garden waiting area that the artist presented to this, his favorite Japanese restaurant.」

Excerpted from 『Everybody eats there』


LUNCH 11:30-16:00
Budget: about11,000 to 19,800yen,
Special Tendon 6,000yen

DINNER 16:00-22:00
Budget: about 16,500 to 27,500yen

※15% service charge

Ginza Main Shop

After three years of closure, we are opened on July 4th.

6-6-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Japan
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