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商业信息「In general sushi and other recherché Japanese fare is a little much for the likes of world leaders. So they come to Ten-Ichi, where frying is the universal language, and they are happy indeed. Ten-Ichi, also in the Ginza, is the world's most famous tempura restaurant.
Ten-Ichi is wonderful. The montage photograph at the entrance, of Chirac, Annan, Sinatra, Clinton, and Helmut Kohl, all resplendent in white Ten-Ichi bibs, says it all. There's another photo of the Gorbachevs, and another of Henry Kissinger, and a Chagall in the rock-garden waiting area that the artist presented to this, his favorite Japanese restaurant.」

Excerpted from 『Everybody eats there』


LUNCH 11:30-16:00
Budget: about10,100 to 15,500yen,
Special Tendon 4,860yen

DINNER 16:00-22:00
Budget: about 13,100 to 30,000yen

Ginza Main Shop

Due to the reconstruction of the building, we were close in July 2019 and are scheduled to reopen at the same place in summer 2022.

6-6-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Japan
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